Choose the Right Hotels within your Budget

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The right choice of hotel is the key to a good rest. We often do not attach special importance to this parameter, but it is precisely the problems and inconveniences during the stay at the hotel that can nullify all the rest. offers several criteria by which tourists should choose hotels. Follow this link for more details.

Waiting at the Hotel

First of all you must determine what you expect from the hotel. Room, service, food, entertainment, additional services—all of this affects the impression from the trip. It is necessary to consider the choice of the hotel, if you are traveling with children. Check in advance if the hotel has an animation program for children, amusement parks, and babysitting services. If you go on a sightseeing tour, then pay attention to the location of the hotel, how quickly you can get to all the main attractions from there. In this case, the level and category of the hotel will not be of great importance – because most likely you will only come there to spend the night.


Choosing a resort, you should ask whether the place is a good option for youth recreation or is designed for people in the age, families prefer to settle there or tourists traveling alone. Also worth considering, tourists come there for a beach holiday or more for recovery. It would not be superfluous to know what the infrastructure at the resort is and how much breakfast/lunch/dinner can cost in local cafes and restaurants.

Cost of living

When planning a vacation, you need to calculate how much you are willing to spend on housing. Sometimes the difference between 2 * and 3 * hotels is small, but the level of prices for additional services in the latter will be higher. There is a rule – the more stars, the better, but try to abstract a little from a star when choosing a hotel and first read the description and reviews.

Supply System

BB – breakfast, HB – half board (meals 2 times a day), FB – full board (3 times a day) and the system “All inclusive”. If you have chosen a hotel in Europe, you will usually be offered a BB, HB or FB system. In the cities there are cafes and restaurants offering cuisine for every taste and budget, so the choice of the food system is at your discretion.

Be on the Lookout

If you have chosen a beach holiday, then find out how far the hotel is from the beach (it is better to find out specifically in meters, not in minutes); Does the hotel provide free sun loungers and sun beds; if there is no beach nearby, is there a free transfer from your hotel to the city beach. If you play sports, ask if your hotel will have a gym, swimming pool, sauna, etc. And, of course, learn in advance: what services are free, and for what you have to pay and how much.

Guest Reviews

Often it is the reviews of tourists become the deciding factor when choosing a hotel. However, carefully review the information. Do not rely on reviews a year ago and short comments. Pay attention to informative reviews, where hotel guests describe what they specifically liked or disliked. Such information will be the most useful and will help to make a reliable impression about the hotel.